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Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge

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Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge



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3/24/2009 10:13:29 AM


Guatemala Fishing Report March 19, 2009 Greetings from Casa Vieja Lodge, Guatemala: I arrived at the Guatemala City airport at 1:00 PM and was met by the drivers from Casa Vieja Lodge who had 3 vans parked at the airport waiting to pick up a family group of 13, another group of 4 anglers from NJ, and myself. We had a nice hour and a half drive down from Guatemala City where the temperature was 72 degrees through the coastal plane to the Casa Vieja Lodge where it was sunny & calm, with the air temperature of 84 degrees. After a swim in the pool, a cocktail, and some great snacks I took a nap had a shower and then had my dinner with Captain Chip Shafer in the awesome Casa Vieja restaurant . Every seat in the place was full with a full house croud which gave me a chance to interview some of the anglers who had fished yesterday and today. It seems that the fishing has been on and off with every boat catching some Sailfish. The low boat today released 4 sailfish and the top boat caught 14, Yesterday one boat caught 10 on fly, and one boat today landed 7 sailfish and a Blue Marlin. Today, March 20 the whole fleet is fishing so I can get a more specific report out tonight. My Sailfish School clients, Lucien La Fond and Danny Cline will arrive later today and we fill be fishing together for the next 5 days. After that Jim Garrity and Jerry Gibbs will join me for three more days of catching sailfish on fly here in paradise. On March 28 my friend Captain Brian Horsley will arrive with a hosted group of fly anglers who will fly fish for sailfish aboard Rum Line and Intensity on March 29, 30 , and 31. I will try to get as many fishing reports and pictures from Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala as possible during the next 12 days. Stay tuned for more fishing reports, and then My Tarpon reports will begin around April 15th from the Florida Keys. As usual, I love my job, wish you were here with me. Regards: Jake Captain Jake Jordan

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.