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Galapagos Marlin Report March 9-12

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Galapagos Marlin Report March 9-12


Sportsman's Addiction

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3/15/2009 6:08:44 AM


Galapagos Marlin Report Well folks we are now well into March and 2009 has not let us down in Galapagos. Plenty of marlin continue to swim and feed off Rosa Blanca banks. The last week has been a little windier than usual but nothing like the rougher Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean that surrounds the Galapagos is true to its name most of the time. Here is the latest Galapagos action report submitted by the various boats fishing: March 9, 2009 Pete Santini from Boston who manages and operates the Sea Hands reported very good deep blue water color. Schools of squid and sardines were prevalent on the monitor as well as dozens of tailing striped marlin seen through the day. Fish were very aggressive on lures and seemed to have some size to them. Pete mentioned most fish were probably in the 180 to 200# range which shows a population of possibly older or fatter fish than earlier in the year. One fish released was estimated near 250#. The Sea Hands had 20 raises, 13 bites and 7 releases. Not bad! March 10, 2009 Captain Alan Star, fishing a freelance group on his own aboard the Blue picked up a group of fly fishermen out of Santa Cruz and headed for the controversial (in name at least) bank known as 0/30 (also known as Bradenīs Bank, Pacific National and the Big Bank) just East of Santa Cruz. Star reported lots of tuna feeding but no marlin. This bank has been off for 2 years now which seems unusual as it has seen incredible runs of marlin through it in the past. Pete Santini fishing onboard the Sea Hands with his clients headed for Rosa Blanca banks. Conditions of the water were beautiful dark blue. The ocean was choppy due to the wind. Pete reported a high amount of bait and tailing marlin everywhere. Fish did not seem as aggressive but there were plenty of them. They managed to raise 22 stripes, 10 bites and get 3 releases. March 11, 2009 Pete Santini onboard the Sea Hands was almost speechless when he related the experience of this day. He expressed that the fish were everywhere and they seemed to raise fish with every turn. They were not as aggressive on the bite and despite the high amount of raises solid hook ups on lures were hard. Water conditions were choppy with deep blue color. 35 stripes, 1 blue and 1 black marlin were reported raised. 2 stripes and a blue estimated around 500# were released. Captain Alan Star onboard the Blue was fly fishing. He reported raising 27 striped marlin from which they had one bite on the fly and lost the fish after a short fight. March 12, 2009 While this report is being written I called Pete Santini on his cell and he reported until 1 pm that the Sea Hands had raised 7 stripes and released 1. Conditions were beautiful deep blue water but the ocean was still a bit choppy with 3 ft waves. I would like to thank the captains who provided this valuable information. Without this report would not be possible. Folks, there is still time to book this year. Donīt pass up your chance to fish the best marlin waters in the world! If you would like to fish with any of these captains please donīt hesitate to contact us through our website www.sportsmansaddiction.com or info@sportsmansaddiction.com Sportsmans Addiction 123 Krome Ave Suite 200 Homestead Florida 33030 305-396-6629

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