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Captain Jims Hale- A Near Hellsbay Bonanza March 2009

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Captain Jims Hale- A Near Hellsbay Bonanza March 2009


Captain Jim Hale

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3/10/2009 1:10:51 PM


A Near Hellsbay Bonanza March 4 2009 Good early March….yes it’s still blowing and kinda chilly, hell down right cold some mornings! On the flats “out front” of Flamingo there have been some hungry Snook when the water warms up enough for them to eat. Yesterday the water was 59 in the afternoon and the wind was blowing a good 15knts “so much for NOAAs 5-10” so you can imagine there where not many happy fish that are willing to eat. The theory is that fish are cold blooded and their digestive enzymes do not work as fast when the water is cold so they eat far less when they are cold. As for warm blooded animals their digestion is more consistent because bodies are always warm. Fish in the summer may eat 2 or 3 times a day when they are hot and digestion in rapid. Back up where the water is dark (dark bottom or water is normally warmer) and you can hardly find your way in or out in protected areas there have been good fishing and probably will for a couple more weeks this week we landed 16 Redfish the largest one around 27 inches and 28 Snook a small Bull Shark and 3 Grouper. The largest Snook was 33 inches most were caught using Rapalas’ Twitch Rap most of the Snook and Reds’ were dinks under 18 inches but it sure was fun for a day that was blowing 20 plus. Over the weekend we did get a warm day that started out calm so we went looking for Tarpon in the usual places on the backcountry side. Normally this time of year when it warms up Tarpon are easy to find. Well we found some, but the water was 64 and with nasty green tint to it. It wasn’t as good as we hoped then the next day a nasty front moved through again and well …we just keep hoping for this mess to turn around. In Biscayne Bay there has been good action with Bonefish inside of the bay but the outside flats have been better when the temps have been low. We have been finding a good amount of fish from day to day but where they were yesterday will mean that more than likely they not even be close the next. Stay warm and keep the sun at your back. Capt. Jim Hale 786-255-1788 www.floridasportfishingcharters.com

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.