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Casa Vieja Fishing report Ron Hamlin

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Casa Vieja Fishing report Ron Hamlin


Ron Hamlin


3/2/2009 4:09:34 PM


Last 9 days- fishing report from Ron Hamlin Cold Dirty Water Well I don't like to write a report like this, but you have days like this, at least that's what Mom told me. 18 / 19th I was Blue Marlin fishing, there's been as many blues as sails lately. I raised 2 one didn't bite and we jumped off the other after getting some great jumps out of it, we also raised 3 sails on the lures. 20th. / 26th. The first day we had a group of Missionaries, here giving their time to the orphanages in Guatemala City and Antigua. The stories they told me were heart wrenching, but I'll save that for a special report when I have all the facts correct. Anyway we fished 5 miles out in the only good water and raised 10 getting 8 bites and releasing 5. The next 6 days was more of the same for me. Raising 37 getting 28 bites and releasing 15. I again fished close to shore rarely going over 10 miles out. Some of our other boats did better later in the week running a long way and finding better fishing as the good water got closer. There were a lot of Blues in close, at least 15 or more were caught in there but by the other boats, I had a cold hand. I did go to the Miami Boat Show, my mates and I received the Top Tagging Boat Overall for Billfish and also Top Sailfish Tagger. My crew and I have won these awards a few times and I felt it was time to step down and hope the younger Captains would take over tagging more and get the Honor of receiving this Award from The Billfish Foundation. I still intend to tag for the Anglers that care to, but just not participate for the awards. Good Luck and Good Fishing, you can still book me in March thru Casa Vieja Lodge Ron on the Finest Kind www.CasaViejaLodge.com 123 N. Krome Ave Suite 200 Homestead Florida 33030 866-846-9121

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.