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Casa Vieja tuna town

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Casa Vieja tuna town



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3/2/2009 4:08:31 PM


Discover Tuna Town Recently, Captain Chris Sheeder and the crew of the Rum Line ran an exploratory overnight trip 100 miles offshore in search of Marlin and Big Yellowfin Tuna. What they found were huge schools of Tuna and lots of sailfish – seems you just can’t get away from them in Guatemala! Although they didn’t raise any Marlin they are undoubtedly there. While they did catch a few Tunas in the 150+ class, they lost several larger fish. We are looking for groups of anglers that want to help us explore further the potential of this fishery. Between now and June 15th we are offering an “Explorer’s Special” for 4 anglers. The trip consists of all our normal amenities Casa Vieja Lodge is famous for. We meet you at the airport in Guatemala City and take you to Casa Vieja Lodge. The next morning your private boat leaves the dock at 7am. After catching bait you’re on your way to Tuna Town! Sushi for dinner? You will be back to the dock the following afternoon, hopefully unloading Tunas! The next day is yours to relax. Spend the day at the pool, get a massage and relax. The fourth day will be aboard one of our classic 37 foot gameboats, catching Guatemala’s famous sailfish on light tackle. The final day you will be taken to the airport with stories to tell everyone at home. The cost of this opportunity is only $2,220.00 pp. Don’t miss your chance to be among the first at Casa Vieja Lodge for this great adventure. For a world class sporting vacation, call the office at (866) 846-9121 today for availability.

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.