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Galapagos Fishing Report Feb 16-20 2009

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Galapagos Fishing Report Feb 16-20 2009


Sportsman's Addiction

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2/26/2009 9:05:48 AM


San Cristobal, Galapagos Marlin Report Feb 16 – 20, 2009 The Galapagos Islands continue to produce possibly the best marlin fishing on the planet. This latest report involves 2 of our regular yearly anglers now on their 3rd return to the enchanted islands. Thomas Noohan and Mike Eakins from Pennsylvania returned for 5 days of exciting marlin action. Thomas has celebrated with us a few first achievements before such as his first striped marlin, his first 300lb big eye tuna and now finally his first blue marlin! Congratulations Thomas! Feb 16- Started as cloudy day but with flat calm seas. As we made the 38 mile run to Rosa Blanca banks we spoke with Thomas and Mike about their “Rain Gear Productions” t-shirts. “Rain Gear” started as a joke, due to an ill fated first offshore trip to Mexico where they were rained out for several days. What a way to first experience offshore fishing! Although some rain could be seen offshore today, rain has so far never been a factor not to go fishing in Galapagos. The day started with a bit of a late bite. Dropping baits to the fish, the Blue raised 11 stripes, got 8 bites on baits and released 5 fish. Several nice 25lb big eye tuna would make for an excellent dinner. These anglers had never really experienced pitching or feeding baits to fish. Feb 17- A very sunny day and extremely calm water was waiting for the blue and our anglers on Rosa Blanca. The water was a very dark blue. Birds were active diving. A school of 20 or 30 marlin were slashing on the surface and chasing bait right before our eyes! The sites and sounds of Galapagos wild will play on repeatedly on an angler´s mind long after the trip is over. This was the first trip Mike and Thomas were dropping baits to the fish and it took a little work and getting used to. We raised 10 stripes, had 6 bites and released 2 fish. Feb 18- Another beautiful sunny day on the water. The ocean was the bluest color I had seen so far this year. Conditions were wonderful but the fish were down deep. The Blue raised 8 stripes, received 4 bites and released 3 marlin. It was a slow day by Galapagos standards but nevertheless it was fun. Feb 19- The wind picked up a little although it was no problem on the run to the Rosa Blanca banks. The ocean was slightly choppy yet comfortable. The water was blue and as the day went on the Northern wind calmed even more. Thomas and Mike were in for a treat as the action picked up quite a bit from the previous day. Thomas would have his biggest surprise of the trip as the first fish raised he pitched a bait back perfectly and hooked it. To our surprise the fish would charge the boat and Thomas would release a blue marlin estimated 240lb in under 6 minutes. The stripes were hungry and there were many more feeding on the surface. The Blue raised 22, had 17 bites and released 6 stripes and 1 blue marlin. Feb 20- The wind had barely picked up a little but was virtually gone as the day developed. The Blue travelled to Rosa Blanca banks and experienced another beautiful sunny day of fishing. The fish seemed tougher to feed and hook on this day. Now remember this is the first trip Thomas and Mike actually tried to feed the fish themselves. Considering the circumstances I would say they did pretty well. We raised 16 stripes, had 11 bites and released 2 fish. Folks don´t wait to book your trip. If you want to experience the best marlin fishing in the world then book now. These are not sailfish and any experienced billfish angler will tell you there is no comparison! Please enjoy a few pictures from the trip below. Tight Lines! Merijo Attong- Sportsman's Addiction 123 N. Krome Ave Suite 200 Homestead FL 33030 305-396-6629 Fax305-396-4986 www.sportsmansaddiction.com

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