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pontoon takes a nose dive

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pontoon takes a nose dive



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7/10/2007 8:27:37 PM


We purchased a very nice used 22 ft. 2005 pontoon 4 months ago. The major problem we have is in the last month, our pontoon has taken 2 major nosedives in the water. On both occasions we where in medium to large waves and I slowed the pontoon slightly from ruffle 15 mph to 10-12 mph. The front went down in to the water and water came rushing on to the deck on the pontoon boat. Both times I pulled back on the throttle as fast and as hard as I could and the front came back up. We were all very scared , but glad the boat did not sink and no one got hurt. The first time we had 4 adults in front and 3 in back. The 2nd time we had 3 adults in front and 6 in the middle to back of the boat. Max capacity is 13 people. Is this normal? What should I do? I wonder if this is a poorly designed pontoon. It was the first year on production for this company


8/7/2007 4:26:08 PM
Post Email: schroeder1959@grics.net
Subject: Pontoon Dive

Hello, I just purchased a brand new LOWE pontoon boat last week, and this weekend during its second voyage, we got the surprise of our lives. We slowed down to wave a some local boaters, and when we did, the front just dove under water. I slammed it into reverse and everyone it the front scrambled toward the rear and all was well, except for the river water on my brand new carpet. At least we all were safe. I thought the boat was balanced pretty well, but I guess I was wrong. We slowed from about 15mph to about MPH when this happened. Should I have trimmed the motor up when I slow down??? Please give ideas to prevent this from happening again. Thanks! Mike

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All Contents Copyright (c) 2019 Bongiovanni Research & Technology, Inc.